May 20, 2006

.A GaL of My Standards.

Just got home from work.
Reli tired.
Wrist hurts... still.

Watching Sex & The City again.
Its reli not my choice...
Its the only nice program on.

I was thinking,
Are there really specific places to meet men?
Cuz thats what Sex & The City is about right now.
I wanna know...
Are there really places that girls go to meet men?
If so... Whereabouts?
Pubs? Bars? Concerts? Libraries? Church? Parks?

Lets scratch out pubs and bars and clubs,
cuz most guys u find there wud probably be up for one nighties.
I can't provide those.
(ps: Are there still guys out there who wants to have fun,
but do not expect sex?)

Hmm... Well, that could be a good idea.
After all, if you both are at the concert,
It shows common grounds rite?
Both of u could probably sing and dance to the same music.
But that really depends on what kinda concert rite?
Rock concerts could be for 'less mature' guys...
Jazz concerts 'could be' for boring men...
(*lol* dun mind my generalization. I could be wrong.
And dont get me wrong, I love rock and jazz music.)
But when u come to think of it,
How often do concerts happen?

What about coffee shops?
Lets say u see a cute guy at another table.
How do u approach him?
Buy him another cup of whatever he's alredy drinking?
Ask him if u can sit with him becuz ur friend stood u up?
Eye him from the opposite table until he notices u?
Doesn't sound like the things Asian girls would do.
At least most Asian girls wont.
I dont think I would.

If I was hotter, I might.
Then again, hot girls dont need to approach guys.
They get enuff attention to last them a lifetime.
Thats one thing I'd never experience.
Yea, I can be pretty modest sometimes.

So yea, are there reli places to meet men?
Decent men that would wanna know u better?
Men that would reli wanna be with u for u?

How often does that come by huh?

Well... I'll tell u what...
Despite my 'very' limited attractiveness,
There have been guys who had given me such feeling.
Guys that I felt reli did like me,
Who reli did wanna be with me.

But I blew them off.

Either becuz there's no future,
or becuz I didn't feel the same way.

But reli, I wanna know...
Should a girl of my 'standards' be so picky?
I should be grateful if ONE guy wants to be with me,
dont u think?

It would be a different story if I felt like the guy had "settled" for me,
In a sense that...
You'd know if a guy had settled for u,
either becuz they're lazy to keep looking,
or they're tired of rejection,
and they want to have a girlfriend,
and you're the only girl who responded,
So they decide to 'settle' with you.

Im sure the few guys I've been with had not.........
Come to think of it,
Did they 'settle' for me?
Did they.....?

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