May 29, 2006

.Tired lil' Me.

Dear Sherlene,
Here is your single's love horoscope
for Monday, May 29:

You know you need to change your thinking about love and romance,
at least a little, but you've been resisting it for some time.
Right now your mind is flexible enough to accept almost anything.


what do u think that means?
People better not read this and try to take advantage of me.

Have to be honest,
Ive been feeling pretty vulnerable lately.
I thought it was PMS...
But if it was,
It should have ended today.
(if you know what I mean)

But Im still feeling the same.
PLUS Im extra tired.
Both physically and mentally.



James said...

Horoscopes are as true as you want them to be. Just take a day at a time, okay?

(Where do you get all your readings anyway?)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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