May 22, 2006

.More thoughts on Relationships.

Are there any basic requirements one should have before they get into a relationship?

For example:

One must be ready to spend in terms of,
- money,
- time,
- emotions.

* Money:
- Anniversaries,
- Birthdays,
- Phone calls, sms-es,
- Random Lets-Go-Out-and-Have-Fun days,
- Dates,
- Just-to-see-you-smile gifts,
- Random Surprise-gifts,
- His best friend's birthday,
- His mum's birthday...

* Time:
- At least 10 minutes on the phone everyday,
- Big days where u spent the entire day together,
- Movies you wouldn't have watched if not for him,
- Cuddly weekends,
- Time in bed, *ehem*
- Hours on the phone when he (or you) have news, problems, gossip, hormones imbalance, or he misses u too much and wants to listen to your voice a little longer (and vice versa),
- To sit around your room, thinking up ideas on how to make him happy,
- To sit around your room, day dreaming about him,
- Spent in bed alone, imagining him with you,
- Listening to sappy love songs that make you think of him,
- To talk on the phone with friends ABOUT him,
- Spent crying when he says or does something that upsets you,

- Spending too much time together leaves you less time for uni,
which would stress you out. So there's stress.
- Making efforts to meet up and be together despite each other's busy schedulle,
that takes extra energy.
- Expecting him to say things, do things, respond in a particular way,
and he doesnt... that causes unecessary disappointments.
- He buys you something expensive and you feel the need to repay him,
you'd feel uneasy. (This links back to Money)
- He gets you a diamond necklace for your 1 month anniversary,
You bought him a t-shirt... You'd feel cheap.
- He's in the mood for some luvin'... but you're not,
He tells u he understands, lets out a sigh and goes to bed,
You'd feel sorry.
- He's in the mood for some luvin'... You're tired... But horny...
You end up making urself even more tired than you already were!
- You love him, Your parents hate him,
And that leaves you where?
- He was fine yesterday, but today he's acting weird,
Blowing hot and cold, You can't figure out what you did,
That makes you anxious.
aaaand etc etc etccc...


I know Im thinking too much,
But its undeniable that these REALLY the things that would happen once you're in a relationship.
I see all these happening around me all the time!

And thats enough to scare me shitless.
All I can think of is:


I dont have the money,
I dont have the time,
And I dont have the emotional capacity.

At least not now.

So when will I be ready?
After all, life only gets harder...
Would that leave me single forever?

or is it true when people say,
"When You're In Love,
All these arent seen as problems anymore."


James said...

You know all the hype about "the one"?

In the end, it's not just the person. The right person has to come at the right time as well... don't you think so?

Good luck! Don't think too much!

da'piNkch3ekz said...

i hope ur right james.. :)

Anonymous said...

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