May 25, 2006

.Excuse My Complains.

Im so pissed.
Im so moody.
Im so angry.
Im so annoyed.

Nothing BIG happened.
I just walked outta my house to the bus stop,
Rushing to get to class,
and suddenly realised I left my mobile at home.

Then I tried fishing for my lip gloss and realised I left it too.
My lip gloss and my mirror.
And I need the mirror cuz I used the wrong mascara,
And something is hurting my friggin eye!!!

After getting on the friggin bus,
I realised I didnt have my MP3 player with me.
I friggin left that at home too!!!

And the weather today wasn't as cold as yesterday,
which defeats the purpose of my sweater.
But I cant take it off,
cuz I've got this top on which makes me look very fat in!!

Without my handphone,
I cant call friends.
Cuz I was planning to watch a friggin movie tonite.
Otherwise I wont be able to watch any of the 4 movies I wanna watch this weekend becuz I hav to friggin work!
Then I logged on to the cinema screenings page on Yahoo,
and realised that Final Destination 3 has been taken down!!

So yea.
Im pissed.
Im annoyed.
Im mad.
Im so bloody irritated.

I skipped a lecture today.
Now I've got 5 minutes to get to my next one.
And I've not printed my notes.



Rum said...

Was surfing through old friends blogs and realised I hadn't been to your for months, so I popped in.

Sounds like you had a rough day... ah well, such is life.

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