May 19, 2006

.Turning Into Samantha...?

One question:
"Have I been watching too much Sex & The City?"

Cuz here I am...
Watching another rerun of season 5 in my living room.
Its on Foxtel (paid tv).
I've watched it at least 5 times now...
But Im still here,
With my arse glued to the carpet,
And my sight moving up and down from the tv to my laptop.

Is this tv show effecting me more than I think?

The main reason why Im bringin this up is becuz...
Jez now, I was watching this bit where Samantha Jones was messing around with this dude.
She was havin lotsa fun with him.
Then suddenly,
The dude said he wanted to get to know her better,
and keep seeing her.
Samantha Jones frozed.
And I couldn't help feeling,
"I'd freeze too."

Suddenly I realised...
As you guys could probably see from my last few posts,
Im turning into THAT kinda girl too.
Not Samantha Jones exactly,
But the kinda girl you see in Sex and the City.
The type who just wants to have fun,
Committment free!
(aside from Charlotte Yorke)
And even if its not committment free,

They're probably just commit until they get bored and move on.

oH my... I am a bytch...
OH MY GODDD............

heHheee ok, honestly...
Im no shocked.
Besides, Im not THAT bad.
Im reli not!
But at this point in time,
I really dont wanna think about this.

I have a feelin Im so gonna regret submitting this post.
It might come back and haunt me.

To my future Guy whom I've not met,
Please dont freak out if u read this.
Im still capable of getting into a committed relationship.
I assure you.
Just.... umm... not now.

This wasn't what I wanted to blog about.
I was actually wanting to write about music.
But I lost the mood alredy.
I hate it when this happens.

Maybe next time.
I need a shower and a nap...

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