May 28, 2006

.I do realise.

Have you ever felt like you're on the wrong path in life?
And you just cant seem to steer yourself back on the right one?

Have you ever felt as if everyone around you disagrees with what you're doing,
Particularly your current lifestyle,
But they love you too much to tell you that you're wrong?

Have you ever felt like you're letting your loved ones down?
Making them worry about you?

Have you ever felt like those who loves you have to suppress their true emotions when they tell you,
"I'll support whatever your decision is."?

And you know deep down,
that what you're doing isn't rite?
And you know they're only there because they love you,
Not becuz they're agreeing with what you're doing?

*Embarrassed Sigh*

I cant promise any changes,
But I do wanna appologise to those who worried,
those who cared enough about me to support whatever lousy path I chose,
those who had to keep their true emotions away from me,
those who made a effort to reserve their possible hurtful comments,
those who didn't have the heart to hurt my feeling,
those who loved me and only wanted to see me happy...

Im truly blessed.
Im not deserving,
But definitely blessed.


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