September 30, 2005

Strawberries Blue...

Finally, I'm done reading my case...
Bloody Pirrie v McFarlane.
Made my life a living hell.
Bloody presentation.
Stole my semester break.

Anyway, as I was reading back and highlighting the main points I'd be including in my presentation script,
I thought about the box of strawberries in the fridge.
Its 5am... and I've got cravings for Strawberries.
Yea, I guess I'm a peculiar fellow.

So... there is was at 5am...
Eating strawberries in my kitchen.

Naturally, I started thinking about many things.
First, I was imagining how I should start my presentation.
Then I thought about how I would react the next time I see Shaz.
Then... out of the blue,
I thought about that Taiwanese family I had dinner with a couple of nights back.
Dad's Taiwanese friend who treated me, Sherman and Selina to dinner.

I thought about how they kept praising mum and dad.
They were telling us how much mum and dad helped them.
Then they told their kids,
"their (as in me and Sherman) parents are very successful in Malaysia"
"their mum is......... and their dad is........."
I smiled as I thought back at how proud I felt that very moment.
My parents are successful.
And I think they're the best people on earth.

Then I thought back at how mum always tell me.
She says Daddy is her best friend.
That line always make me smile and feel all mushy inside.

You know how people say,
"Behind every successful man, there's a woman"
My parents are the classic example.
Dad's woman is mum. His biggest fan. (I'm 2nd *grins*)
And u know what the cute part is?
It works both ways...
Mum and dad also proved that...
"Behind every successful woman, there's a man"

And one thing for sure,
I can never see one of them without the other.
Mum needs dad, and dad needs mum.
Mum wouldn't be what she is without dad's neverending support.
Dad wouldn't be what he is without mum's neverending support.

I wonder who'd be my 'neverending support'.
The man behind my success. *hmm...*

You guys must think I'm crazy for writing all this.
I probably am.
Not only becuz I'm eating strawberries at 5am,
But becuz at this very moment,
I feel like crying.
(No, I'm sure its not the effect of late night strawberries)
I just think I miss mum and dad more than I thought.


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