September 29, 2005

You've got Mail! *grins*

Just thought I'd post this pic up to annoy Selina. I was warned not to post this pic cuz Selina didn't want her "hair" to get any publicity. kekeKe... You should have seen the looks on our faces when we saw the colour on her hair. Everyone in the house just went "WUA!" hahHa Its very unlike Selina to hav such hair colour, but it does look kinda funky-cute. She'll get used to it.

the main reason why I'm typing this post is actually becuz...
well... becuz I feel kinda happy tonite. *grins*
Don't ask why. I won't tell.
Lets just say,
I got a really sweet message.
*heart turns to mush*
But yea...
My heart is definitely going 100 miles/hour.

Need to regain emotional normalcy.
HHAHAa does such word even exist?
But u know wut I mean...

My presentation is still at square one.

Later today, Chelsea v Liverpool... UEFA.
Chelsea is 100% into taking their long waited revenge on the Reds.
Lets hope Livvy wins them again!

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