October 12, 2006

.a chat with manny.

Im at the lab right now.
Just bumped into Emmanuel,
and we had a funny chat.

That doofus is really playful!
We talked about how I can get my Australian PR hassle-free.
And how?

Then he started asking me how much he'd have to pay my parents.
And we evaluated my worth,
Considering I've got a clean sheet,
a degree and I've never been a prostitute.

And he's pretty happy with the Aus-Msia currency exchange rate.
Cuz if Im worked out to be worth a million ringgit,
He'll only have to chuck out half a million Aussie.

And I'm getting alot out of this bargain too.
He's got dual citizenship, both Aus and Greek.
He said I'd be able to get it too!

Maybe this isnt such a bad plan afterall.


see how studying law can mess up people?

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