October 3, 2006

.girls love attention.

Admit it gurls...
We all love some attention, don't we?
Whether we're single or taken...
When guys turn their heads when we walk by,
We feel great. ^^

Well I recently noticed how powerful 'cleavage' can be.
Im not calling any guys perverts or anything,
Cuz it's natural to want to look.
Even I look. (no... Im not gay)
And hey,
The best thing about the cleavage power is,
You dont even have to be pretty.
(I suppose thats why it works for me)

All you need is a top with a low neckline.
The top can be as simple as a spegetti strap top,
and you're ready to go!
(dont wear anything too slutty,
unless thats the look you're trying to achieve)
I personally think,
The simpler the better...
Makes it look like you're not even trying.

and of course,
You'll need a bra that can squish u up a little bit.

But be warned!
The downside of all this is that you may attract some not so attractive attention.
I'm not saying the guy are unattractive,
But I'm referring to the guys who "Stares"...
Im serious!
SOme guys just stands there and stare at your boobs!
Especially at bus stops and when you're in the bus!!

SO yeaa...
If you dont mind that,
Block those no-shame weirdos out,
and walk out there to turn some heads!
ooH... and if possible,
Put on some heels.
They shud be our best friends...

ooH... and one more thing,
When you do turn heads,
Dont get all stuck up,
and start showing your "I-know-Im-so-pretty" face...
Guys get turned off when girls walk around thinking they're so bloody cute.
Just try to keep a neutral look,
DONT smile at the "starers"...!!
It'll make them come up and start lame-arse convos with you,
when all they're thinking of is you, Naked.
(very stereotypical of me... but most of the times, it's true!!)

But anyway,
5 seconds of attention from random guys everywhere you walk..
Not too bad rite?
After all,
Every girls deserve to know that some guys out there (other than their boyfriend)still thinks they're hot.

By the way,
This was the top I wore today:
(I wonder what you'd notice first)

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