October 7, 2006

.my DVD marathon.

I went to bed at 8am.
I was up watching DVDs.
I managed to watch 3 in total.

All 3 were great.

One of them,
"Head over heels"
Starring Freddie Prinze Jr and Monica Potter,
That one I've actually watched before...
But I borrowed it from Blockbuster again cuz I saw the DVD on Big W's catalouge,
and its on sale!!
I've decided to get it.

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Then I watched "Camp".
This movie was different.
BUT I kinda enjoyed it..
Maybe its becuz of the music.

I totally fell for Daniel Letterle when he started singing a song called
"I sing for you"...
He's no professional singer,
But the simplicity of the song bought my heart.
Maybe it sounded extra good becuz of him.
*ehem ehem*
U knoww...

Its a gurl thing. ^^

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THEN I watched "The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold"
This was a sequel from 'The Cutting Edge'.
I've never watched the first one,
But I know it was about the parents of the girl in this 2nd one.

And the sweet bit was,
They actually casted the original parents.

I loved this movie the most among the 3.
It was great...
Loveddd the love story.
Loved the characters...
Loved the guy. HAHA...

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Tip to directors:
A charming leading man can never go wrong!!

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