October 14, 2006

.constantly switching?.

Both Yesterday and Today,
I've been placed in the position,
where a question is asked...
and Im forced to answer that question,
which would only reflect one thing:

"She's always changing boyfriends."


My ex housemate (Julie) called.
She said,
"eeeei... new boyfriend ahh?"...
Cuz the last time I saw her,
I was still kinda with Shaz.

Then today,
I met Joe...
Joe is a Hong Kong friend I've had since foundation.
He introduced me to his girlfriend,
and referred to me as:
"My friend's girlfriend."

Then I went...
And he said, "no?"
And I said...
"ooH... shaz issit? umm... no more liao."
Then he said,
"OoH okaay... So are u seeing anyone now?"...
And I said,
"umM... yea."

I dont change boyfriends as often as it seems!!
There are periods where I stay/remain singlee!!
It's just...
Some people dont bump into me during those periods of my life!
So Unfair!!

(All this explaining ain't doing me any good, isnt it?)

But anywayz,
Today I was chatting with Mouzam.
Suddenly we started talking about what happened 3 years ago.
*ehem*... You know... :)
Can't believe it's been 3 years since then!!

But it was fun to talk back about it.
How we use to play pool,
and how I've always been attracted to him playing pool.
Girls, you have to trust me.
When he's playin' pool...
His "hot-points" goes up even higher!!

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Mouzam and I are totally fine now...
Yea, we still flirt, I still find him hot and etc,
But thats about it.
We both know that whatever happens,
We're friends.
And thats exactly how we both want it.
Its fun that way.

(whoa... I've been using lots of "but(s)")
Im not really as flower-hearted as it looks rite?

Groovy and I have officially been together for 3 months.
That's got to mean something rite?


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