October 4, 2006

.mariah carey's glitter.

Last nite,
I took a break after hours of working on my assignment!
I spent 100 minutes watching Mariah Carey's "Glitter".

I know it's quite an old movie,
But I never got to watch it.
Heard people dissing it though.

After watching it,
My comment...
They're right about MC not being able to act.
There were many scene where she could have put on better expressions and etc.
And I didn't really feel her during the climax of the movie.

She was cute,
I enjoyed listening to her voice,

She truly has an awesome one-in-a-million type of voice!
(although the songs were not too impressive
- except "never too far" of course)
But most of all,
I enjoyed the story.

It had a touching love story,
and a realistic touch to the life in the music business.

At least thats what I could imagine happening.
I enjoyed watching the life of a rising star...
How they grow and change...
How they try to manage their love life,
and cope with a shadowed boyfriend...
How they compose and record music...
How music can bring two people together...

But yea..
All in all,
I enjoyed it.
MC could have acted better,
But it was a good effort on her first try in acting.

*thumbs up*

This is 100% a Chick Flick.

1 comment:

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