October 1, 2005

Day Dreaming; Healthy?

I'm officially addicted to Blogging.
It's 4.16am.
And here I am,
feeling as if my day isn't complete until I posted something.
So okay, here goes.

Is day dreaming healthy?
You know how people just sit at one spot,
Stare into space, and day dream?

They think about someone special.
They imagine themselves doing things with that person.
Going out, walking hand in hand, hugging, laughing...
*heart flutters*
Wait. I'm not the only person who does such thing rite?

Okay fine. Since I've already said so much,
I guess its no harm to continue. haHa...
But yea, I do sit down and day dream alot.
I think of 'him'...
I imagine us laughing together.
I recall the past.
Play them back in my head and laugh all over again.
I think of a joke,
Then I imagine myself telling him.
Then I try to imagine how he'd react.

He'd laugh along, I decide.
Thinking about him laughing makes me smile.
Does this mean something?
Another infatuation perhaps?
I'm a freak. I know.

Current Mood: Floaty Happy
Current Song: Mari Bercinta - Sheila on 7

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