November 25, 2008

.a day to exhale.

colour me blue
i'm lost in you
don't know why i'm still waiting
many moons have come and gone
don't know why i'm still searching

don't know anything at all
and who am i to say you love me

hope - who am i to say


today, sand washed under me as three girls and myself sat in front of baby waves that were rushing ashore... im now convinced that the waves had washed away the heaviness in my heart.

today, i felt free. it could have been the company of my favourite girls, or the fact that the wind was prickling my skin, the sea water soaking my hair and bikini, the rain was falling on me, and i had a beautiful sight [of the ocean] before my eyes.

today, i realised a quality in a guy that could make me really happy, and that realization alone is worth smiling about, cuz i now know what i want. :)

p.s. i miss you esther!


Anonymous said...

Broadbeach... did you go try that swiss cake shop? =O


.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol the one that was closed that time we went?

yea, we did. i took the girls there. ran under the rain to get there and all. HAHA had their crepes... but really shud've had the cakes. will go back there again for it most definitely! hey... maybe when u get back here babe! :)


Anonymous said...

You really should have tried their tiramisu....