November 19, 2008

.moment's passed?.

was watching a movie earlier that again, made me think. when it comes to the right person, which applies?

x. if he/she is the right one for you, you just have sit back and it will eventually fall into place. (leaving it to fate and destiny)
OR, is it...
x. if u think he/she is the right one for you, you grab the moment and make things happen right there, right then; because when the moment passes u by, thats it for u and that person. (making your own path)


the reason i brought this up is because him and i had what it takes for things to happen, and i let it slip me by. now, despite how much i want that chance back and to live in those moments again, i know him and i just arent the same anymore. at least, i know its different for him now.

so, is that it for him and i? and i need to let go? because the moment is over and i can never get them back?

but... that can't be it. :(


vinnie said...

awwww....u poor thing, sherlene *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Still not over yet eh...
so what happens IF it does happen??

just want what you cant have eh??