November 15, 2008

.world of my own.

men: u wont understand this post and u will most likely misunderstand the reason behind this, but really, dont budge. im just a girl, afterall.


today at work, i tried on "the" engagement ring. yes, i found it. the ring i want. my princess cut diamond ring, set and designed to exactly how i'd like it, with a top wesselton quality diamond too! [sorry, i didnt take a pic of it - yet]

it was no 'hearts on fire' but its better than how i imagined. my heart skipped a beat when i tried it on. :) it felt right.

princess cut diamonds

i was on cloud 9, dreaming about my wedding. i had the perfect ring, i saw the white dress, i heard the music, i felt the happiness in my heart...

... too bad all that has to come with a man.

haHa :) jokes.

For I saw us dancing through sunshine and rain
And I saw us laughing through joy and through pain
And I saw time passing but we did not change
And I still saw us together at the end of every day

Whenever you want it
Whenever you need it
Whatever you feel like, it's gon' be like
You better believe it

Whenever you feel like dancing
You don't have to dance alone, no
You know, you know, you know
You should already know...
I choose you

I choose you - Mario

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