November 26, 2008

.victim of one's insecurities.

a friend advised -

"you shouldn't care so much about what strangers think of you."

well, i shall try to live by that, because i have been seriously misunderstood.

you see, its really funny how people like to see what they want, like manipulating a situation or words to suit them; and yes, in this instance, when i called it "funny", i meant it with utmost sarcasm.

yes, im annoyed. yes, im bugged. and if you knew what happened, there's no doubt you'd think i would be.

i believe my emotions are strongly based on the fact that i feel that i dont deserve this, and i took an emotional fall for nothing.

you should be smart enough to distinguish this:

its like if you're being punished for stealing and eating a cookie from the cookie jar, and being punished for stealing a cookie when you didn't, or

another 'example'; being humiliated by a guy you do like [my recent experience], and being humiliated by a guy you actually dont like [dont ask].

i personally think its always better to know you can look back and say, "yep... that cookie was sooo worth it." instead of being stuck thinking [and feeling]:

"what the hell was that for?"

p.s. yes, i had unfortunate recent experiences for both scenarios. *shakes head* thank God the year is almost over. i cant wait to put all of this year's shitty decisions and their dumb unnecessary consequences to rest.

update: so... apparently we were on a total different wavelength on this issue and the misunderstanding actually goes way deeper than what i was angry about. in short, i now see why he misunderstood, because there was a prior misunderstanding that had led to it. oh. nvm.

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