November 2, 2008

.my first real halloween.

for the first time, halloween actually didnt feel like just another day. :) in fact, i got to celebrate it twice! :)

it started quite late on the night itself, with me and sheensie meeting the boys [derekus, leonate & jeffo] for a nite out in the city. we partied the night away at the embassy hotel [yes, again] with some drinking and dancing and a little bit more. ;) - didnt take too many pics tho. *too busy* :)

the night after that, derekz and i drove to somewhere-almost-at-the-coast to attend jimmy's halloween party. derek dressed as a "wizard zombie" [altho the girls thought he looked more like mr.scarecrow] and i went as a dead "french maid".

sheena did derek's face, then combined effort with derek and sherwynna to make me spooky. :) checkout the awesome artwork by derek and sheensie -

the party was fun altho we were 3 hours late. kudos to jimbo [the count dracula] for the awesome decorating job! tomb stones, dead bodies, creepy insects, skulls and all!

unexpectedly [to me anyway], jimmy's parents, john and juliet were there. i actually miss them alot. :) and they're still as sweet as i remembered! we took a picture together... just like old times -

[pic above: now] [pic below: then]

ooh... and i found it reeeaaalllly sweet of jimmy's mum when she said to me, "i was so sad when jimmy told me you guys broke up! i almost cried!" :) *awww* and i liked how his dad kept huggin me and complimenting me... HAHA... *so full of myself* :P

i like this shot of my frenchie maid face the most. :) love the fake lashes!!! wooooHooo to artificialness!! LoL

ANYWAY... on a more present note,
i'm getting admitted to the legal profession tomorrow at 12.45pm. im officially and finalllyyy there! swing by around 1pm if you wanna join my picture session! xox

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