November 13, 2008

.*heart* to ms houston and ms carey.

been hooked on listening to the old stuff today. old stuff, meaning whitney and mariah. :) truly trulyyy the best singers of their time. watching them sing together gave me goosebumps. they're so different, yet both awesomeee in their own way...


You look in my eyes and I get emotional inside
I know it’s crazy, but you still can touch my heart
And after all this time you think that I wouldn’t feel the same
But time melts into nothing, and nothing's changed

I still believe
Someday you and me
Will find ourselves
In love again

I Still Believe - Mariah Carey

I'd give my all to have
Just one more night with you
I'd risk my life to feel
Your body next to mine
'Cause I can't go on
Living in the memory of our song
I'd give my all for your love tonight

My All - Mariah Carey

I'd given up hope
Losing the faith that love
Could be mine to treasure
And now nothing's the same
I found myself reborn
On the day I met you

Lead the Way - Mariah Carey


love the music back then. they're more straight forward, with lyrics that are more honest with "love". back then, i can imagine people writing these songs, honestly believing each word could be or is true. now... hmm. all we're left with are skeptics and cynics. sigh.

i'll leave u with a lesson i learnt from "exhale", a whitney houston movie i watched today -

'when you finally meet the right man, you will exhale.'

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