November 12, 2008

.tagged; by wynna lee [again].

1. The last person to tag you is?
sherwynna lee whey wen.

2. What relationship of you with him/her?
she's my baby sis.

3. Your 5 impression towards him/her.
attractive, stubborn, smart, witty & opinionated.

4. The most memorable thing that he/she had done for you.
most recently, she opened herself to me emotionally and allowed me in.

5. The most memorable thing that he/she has said to you.
i love you. [yes, she has said it before.]

6. If he/she becomes your lover, you will…
... have committed incest? [eww, btw]

7. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will...
... have lost my mind?

8. If he/she becomes your lover , he/she has to improve on..
ok, im gonna answer this question as "what does she have to improve on as a lover"... and that'd be... to allow herself to trust more, and be less skeptical.

9. If he/she becomes your enemy , the reason is...
... we lost our minds.

10. The most desirable things to you to do to him/her?
desirable sounds WRONG in this context. but anywayz, if u mean something nice... i guess it'd be fun just to take a cool trip somewhere!

11. The overall impression of he/her is...
strong bitch.

12. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
i think they think i'm hawt in every way. HAHA.

13. The character for you for yourself is?
sandra bullock in 2 weeks notice, altho i wouldnt be fighting for the same things.

14. On the contrary, the thing you hate about yourself is?
im indecisive, im impulsive, im argumentative, im stubborn, im a smartass, im incapable of committing, im easily bored... [this could take a while]

15. The most ideal person you want to be is?
a better me. totally achievable. :)

16. For the person who cares and likes you, say something about them...

x. those who cares, thanks. i rarely disappoint, but keep ur fingers crossed and an open mind anyway.

x. those who likes me, and assuming u 'like me' like me, i can totally see why. ;) ;) hahahaaahaa *jokes* but i assure u, what u see is not what u get. i overadvertise and under deliver. so tame that curiousity, unless u're here for something more.

17. Ten people to tag...
1. derekus
2. ivan lean
3. leon ho
4. sheena
(since u havent done this)
5. M-L if he had a blog, which i highly doubt
6. james lee
7. fong yin
8. sing yee
9. strawberrymeowz (just cuz i appreciate her recent visit :))
10. stan wong

18. Who is no.2 having relationship with?
an imaginary girl.

19. Is no.3 a female or a male?
male, most of the time. :P

20. If no.7 and no.10 be together would it be a good thing?
oooh... ^^ could happen. lol

21. How about no.5 and 8?
i'd be sooo jealous!!!! singyeee, nooooooo!!!! he's mineeee!!! lol

22. What is number 1 studying ?
himself. ;) always.

23. When was the last time you have chat with them?
somewhere along this year? :)

24. Talk something about no.2.
he's bloody annoying, but i love him still.

ok. tag done.

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MsMusicJunkie said...

i dont think u needed picturesss! hahaha