November 28, 2008

.random mind blurbs.

"men cheat because they can." sex and the city

- i dont see why women cant... so, ditto to that rule.

"everyone loves to be loved, but you reeeeally love feeling loved." anonymous

- my friend said to me. he may be right. wassup with me anyway? lol why that need? someting to convince myself of my self worth? perhaps.

"at least someone wants me." one tree hill

- yea. everyone wants to feel wanted. but does it make a difference what they're wanted for? is it enough that your family wants you? or your friends?... or does that line above only apply for someone of the opposite sex?

"she just made a plastic bag look damn good." anonymous

- that and many other things a guy could say to a girl. some may call it cheesy, heck, i would think so too. BUT when the same line is used by a guy who's different to you, you smile. u smile an awfully cheesy grin. like how i did... :)

im heading out with mouzam and his friends tonite. hopefully sheena's coming. :) have to admit tho, im not in the best moods for dancing and drinking, but we'll see what happens. will keep u posted!



sheena said...

i know YOU had fun! weeeeeeeeee

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol not as much as youuuuuuuuuuuuu.........!!! minorrrrrrrr!! lol jk babe! ;)

Anonymous said...

yes, for a while i wished i was a plastic bag ;)lol