November 17, 2008

.gifts from the ex.

good samaritan

i was walking to my car under the rain yesterday when an asian lady stopped her car next to me, and told me to get in. taken off guard, i shooked my head with a smile.

i thought it was really sweet of her tho. since i was already quite wet, i'd think a stranger wouldn't want me to dirty their car. i bumped into her in the carpark, and thanked her. she was nice. God bless her kind soul.

seeing the past in the future

my workmate, regina wanted to introduce her daughter's boyfriend's friend to me. so she showed her daughter's boyfriend a picture of me, asking whether he thought his friend would like me. he instantly spotted my diamond heart necklace and asked, "she obviously did not get that for herself. who's it from?" - to which regina replied, "her ex boyfriend."

he then said, "why's she still wearing it? she's not over her ex, isnt she?" - regina's response, "so what if she's wearing it?!"

my defence

haha just thought i'd clarify things though... no, its not that im not over him. its been 3 years. im simply wearing it becuz the necklace is pretty, and since im selling diamonds now, i wanted to be wearing some. :) i havent wore it since our break up. it was only after working with this company, i took it out again.

lemme ask you -

its interesting...

x. are we really not allowed or suppose to wear/use things that were given to us from an ex?

x. does the goods/gifts really come to their use-by dates when two people break up?

x. cuz i still wear the necklace given to me from an ex 7 years ago. wore it for my graduation, in fact. is that wrong?

i really hope not. cuz if it is wrong... that's 3 out of 4 of my football jerseys!!! :( :(

that said, i really appreciate the nice things i've been given, whether i deserved it or not. i guess its just nice to have something that can remind me of the good days we shared together. :)

jewellery or not, a thoughful gift i can keep warms my heart. it reminds me how i was once that special someone to you.


Anonymous said...

not unless you have an empty-box-boyfriend

Anonymous said...

What ever things that are given to me are considered mine, not my ex-boyfriend's present.