November 14, 2008

.a friday nite for myself.

this would've been a good horoscope reading for tonite rather than tomorrow. lol as u can see, its almost 9pm on a friday nite, and i'm home alone... by choice. :) sadly, im enjoying the quiet time more than i thought. kinda makes me wonder whether my withdrawal-symptoms have gotten worse. hmm.

anywayz, wynna called earlier. told me they met M-L at the city. yea, the dude im crushing on. sadly again, the news didnt bother me or made me wish i didnt stay home. perhaps im really gettin over him. pfft.

made myself a nice dinner tonite. roti pratha and curry. :) watched some telly, and wrote a little part of a song. another silly song, yes.

alritey, gonna drown myself in music now. new kids on the block feat. Neyo's "single". me likey. :) [but no offence, im not a fan of the mv. respect to the nkob, but... they just look older, and older men tryin to dance with a young bomb... just didnt look good, nor did it feel right. sorry! - would've much preferred them to sit back and look cool, and let neyo do the dance floor work.]

it dont matter cuz ur here now
and the music ur enjoyin
so for the next couple minutes
baby imma be ur boyfriend

single - nkob feat.neyo

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