November 16, 2008


this feeling has been bugging me all day.

i woke up today, in the midst of a dream. a dream where wynna was falling (not literally) and i woke up before i got the chance to help her. the odd bit was how my grogginess didnt stop my mind from instantly shutting my eyes again, begging for the dream to continue so i can help her.

when it didnt happen, i felt a pangs of guilt and disappointment.

of course i know its a dream. i told myself that too. but the thoughts of that dream hasn't left me since this morning. :( hmmph...

talking about dreams, i've been dreaming alot lately. i mean, real-subconscious-sleep-dead-at-night type of dreams. and i could have 191629 different dreams every night, and wake up feeling like my mind never rested.

am i secretly stressed?
... hmm... nowonder im late. :(

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MsMusicJunkie said...

me?falling?what? :O