November 10, 2008

.to stan, with love.

Dearest Stan Stan

I am now updating my blog. I know you have missed me, and I have missed you too. :) The reason for my blog-absense is because I have been very tired lately. Mostly due to my constant running around with Ivan.

Ivan is in Brisbane, did you know?
He's been like an energizer bunny, never stopping. I've had very little mind-rest because Ivan doesn't shut up. :) If you know me, Ivan is 10000x worse. Yea, no kidding. HaHa... We went to the Coast the other day, Harbour Town and Broadbeach. Its really pretty there. Lets go there again when you're here?

Anyway, I was having lunch with Leon the other day. I told him I felt like I havent been feeling too "social" lately. He says its normal for an extrovert to need and value their personal 'alone' time. I think he's right. Hope I recover from this period soon.

So babe, how have you been? [Aside from missing me] :) Xmas is just around the corner. Every Xmas decoration and ornaments remind me of you. I honestly cant wait for you to be back here, so I can scream and shout at you again... haHa :) *hugs*

Len Len <3

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