November 29, 2008

.summary of the night.

last nite, it ended up becoming mouzam's graduation night out; and an awessssome nite it was!

u see, goin out with mouzam is always fun... you get an instant boyfriend with just the perfect amount of strings attached. its like, we're together but not quite, so its breathe-able. not to mention, he's a person that i just connect with on the dance floor without even tryin. and it has always been the case. oh, and perhaps it also helps that i think he's hot. :)

[and i say this with all due respect to mouzam's girlfriend :) - dont look so shock people!]

he also introduced us to a friend of his, shane. veryy nice guy! sheena and i had a ball with them last nite, and a couple of other randoms. :) got home at 4am and still felt the rush.

one thing sheensie and i realised about the two guys last nite was how gentlemen-like they are. in a very natural way. we made a mental note to include that as another point to look-out for in men. :) it just makes a difference you know...

no newage play-the-game bullshit. they were just stand-out characters in their own way. it was so refreshing. we felt so cherished.

Congratulations on Graduating, babe!!!

soOo sherlene...
another nite out tonite.

its our kings girls' xmas dinner.
but wynna says there's gonna be a thunderstorm.
ugh. :( i just heard thunder.
noooot looking forward to leaving the house today!!

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