November 23, 2008

.the fake skeptic.

:) im living in lala land.
im missing him.
but i think im only missing the one i've created in my mind.

its silly, i know.
but at least i admit that. :)


its 6.44am on the 24th november. just over 24 hours after posting the above lines.

here i am, sitting in my empty living room. i've just awaken from unknowingly falling asleep on my couch after an unhealthy amount of alcohol shots. my contact lenses, still in, dry and hurting my eyes. good thing was, it didnt take much effort to bring moisture to my eyes.

u see... yesterday, i took a leap of faith. and i crashed and burned. yes,
he, the one that i had not created in my mind, had officially broke my heart.

so, cheers.

at least now i can stop wondering whether my fictions could turn into reality. some skeptic i am huh?

*thanks for the company last nite gurls *muahs*, and for cleaning up, and the sweet note sheenie babe. i love u too.*

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