March 26, 2009

.the bad bugs got me!.

i just got off the phone with him. 1.5 hours on the phone. i feel my ear burning. (why didn't i switch ears?!) ANYWAY... here's some news: im falling sick. :( dammit.

and 2 others things i was gonna say before i shower (then hit the sack for much needed rest) :

x. my assistant manager pointed out to me and my colleagues about the "look" i get in "my eyes" when i serve customers, especially male ones... she says, "its like she's sending out electric waves"... lol she said it was cute, but we all know what was really on everyone's mind. "she's flirting." its so embarrassing when everyone's taking notice now. heHe... :)

x. i thought i saw M-L on the bus today. my heart sunk and i felt a heavy thump in the pit of my stomach. when i eventually got over it, i felt annoyed at myself. i cant believe he still affects me. dammit.

ok. goodnight people. stay healthy and away from the bad bugs. i know they're out there! they've found me! :(

im falling ssssiiiccckkkkk.... daaaaammmmiiiitttt.

25th march - happy birthdays to melissa and jimmy!
26th march - happy birthday mouzam!! :)

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۞ D! ۞ said...

5 days left.