March 30, 2009


SO, the girl (moi) has been putting in more resumes today... AND hopefully more in the next couple of days. need to really step up with this job hunting thing before i starve or become a liability to my family. sigh.

sheena actually suggested that i look into expanding my job choices. she says maybe i should look into photography. like at pixi foto or something... dad would kill me if i made that my future, but hey, no harm considering rite? who knows, i might actually have other talents! (if any to begin with - shut up ivan!)

ANYWAY, i found a picture on facebook today that totally made my heart flip. can't tell u what or who it is regarding, but i just had to say something about it here to remember i actually saw that picture. HAHA. :) *feels my girls rolling their eyes if they're reading this*

so, my boy has been enjoying his new job down at the coast... which is awesome. :) will be seeing him later in the week... which is again, awesome. :) its been too long!!! :)

stan's coming back to brissie on friday!! another awesome news!! woooHooo!!

ok, need to pick my bro at the city now. catchyaz later!

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