March 9, 2009

.dear thursday coming.

derek just posted another bunch of photos on facebook. totally random. there's one pic in there i wish to hack into derek's facebook account to delete tho... haha but one second thought, oh wells. i've got worse ones up there already anyway. (plus, i dunno how to hack)


he (my mr.oh-la-la) is coming up to brissie on thursday. so i guess this week is kinda like his turn to come to me. which is awesome. love how he picks me up after work. it always feel like the day just showered a million roses over me. :)

ON A LESS ROSY NOTE THOUGH... him and i had this sms-conversation last night -

him: Pierre is doing a BBQ on thursday night. i want you in my arms.
me: so did you want to meet before or after the BBQ?
him: i meant i want you to come to the BBQ with me.
me: oh, but wouldn't you want time to catch up with Pierre?
him: it's okay. i want to be with you.
me: but you haven't seen Pierre for a while. wouldn't you want time for guy talks? wouldn't it be weird if i was there?
him: ok. forget about the BBQ. i'll just see you after you finish work.


clearly, my pushie-pullie indecisive attitude didn't impress him. lol. not to mention, today he shot me another message saying "i don't understand why you had to make such a simple thing so complicated" - i can't argue with that. sigh. it's a birth defect. boo.

but can you see what i was trying to do though? i wanted to give him room. didn't wanna be the clingy "must-bring-her-everywhere-i-go" type of girl-friend. (note to self: not a couple anymore) plus, i thought maybe he asked for courtesy purposes. totally reasonable, no? but he combated my reason by saying -

"if i invite you, it means i want you to come. i don't bother with courtesy invitations. i thought you knew me."

but everythings fine now. he called earlier, and we talked. i explained/apologised, he accepted. so it's all good. :) a bed of roses once again. *yes, roll your eyes at my cheesy grin*

okay. time for bed. thursday, come soon! xx 


۞ D! ۞ said...

Is it the one people actually cant tell its you, but they can actually tell its you pic?

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol dammit.