March 26, 2009

.good news all around.

news news and news all day today. some good, some great. :)

woke up to an sms from starshots glamour photography. thanks to sheena who entered me into a competition, (i don't know when) apparently i won a photoshoot package! haha thanks babe! sheena was really excited because she had done it before, and can't wait to share the experience with me. lol not to mention her cute photographer. we'll see when i decide to 'book in'. lol funny, as cam-whorish as i am, i dont know if i can do it... i feel fat.


'he' gave me some awesome news today too!! the 'problem' he was having might have found a solution!! we'll find out for sure on saturday, but its looking good now! i cant wait till he settles into his vacation-life and really start having fun without these worries. :) *fingers crossed*


i vacuumed my room today. finally!! :) you should've seen the fur ball gathered in the tube thingie. whoa. i should've taken a picture, but i didn't want to make u cringe. so... yea. nvm.

im sure there were other great news that i received today, otherwise i wouldn't be feeling this relaxed. hmm. oh wells. maybe im happy enough just with his news. woohoo! we'll see whats next for us after this. how i see it, it could go both ways. good or really bad. again, we'll see.

although he did say...
"now i'll get to see you more."
we'll see.

alritey. ta!

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just take me on the floor.