March 19, 2009

.blessing or curse in disguise?.


... i've got a man in my life who makes me laugh and smile, who hugs me until i feel better or stop crying, who sits around and lets me talk or vent about anything and everything, who talks things out with me when we hate each other's guts, who patiently teaches me how to swim with my head above water and tells me i'm doing an awesome job when i'm holding on to him for dear life most of the time, who watches chick flicks with me and tells me we'll take salsa lessons together someday, who cooks me lunch and tries unfailingly to feed me vegetables, who prepares me a bubble bath and feeds me muffin at the same time, who makes the extra effort to make my friends like him because he knows it means a lot to me, who kisses my forehead at every chance he gets, who excitedly introduces me to his friends and then gushes to them about how great i am and how proud he is to have me by his side, who sits in the kitchen for an hour teaching me his language by making me read french cook books, who looks at me when i'm not aware then randomly points out silly little things i do that makes him smile, who tells me every time he sees me that i'm pretty, who spends half an hour helping me financial plan my expenses because i wanted to buy a bag i didn't need, who holds my hands when he knows i need support,  who tells me he wants to be the best in everything for me... oh, i could go on.

but this man, like every good thing in life, isn't permanent. (and not gay either.)

so the real question now is, how do i make sure i'm able to let all of this go?

p.s while i'm at this, i also wanna share with you another thing i learnt about french people... check out their keyboards - *yikes!*


Anonymous said...

Your a great girl and people who wait and hold a such a lively personality like yours, someone will come by for sure.

Im sorry, if I offended him by saying his sounds a bit too prefect? Perfection doesn't come without some cons ;)

But to answer your real question, as everyone says.. there will be others. I know its hard being lonely but what goes down always comes up again.

Goodluck :)

minuteman said...

Somehow,anonymous is right:someone else will sure to come.but,BUT,do enjoy the enjoy the fact that he is treating you the way you should be you're his everything.

I wouldn't worry too much of the future,as the future is hard to gauge,or to see.carpe diem quam minimum credula postero;seize the day and place no trust in tomorrow.

anyways.deep down in your heart,you'll know what to do :) have faith

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

:) thanks guys... xxx