March 11, 2009

.dark clouds.

right before i woke up this morning, i dreamt i was crossing a street in southbank and saw a dead cat... beside it was a damaged motorcycle and a tarap-head asian old man, bleeding and dead. i then look further and saw another dead cat... and next to it was a dead dog. then i saw the paramedics drive over. they turned out to be friends of mine from my foundation year (2003). they didn't seem to recognise me. - i then woke up feeling like crap.

today has been a bunch of bad news. i received bad news from home (kk). thursday (my day with erwann) isn't happening anymore because of last minute change-of-plans, and i was emotionally hurt by someone's words (although the hurt was mended by the end of the night- to a good-enough extent anyway.)

i'm gonna sleep it off. my eyes are puffy. sigh, work tomorrow.

p.s. don't ever take your parents for granted. call them just to say you love them at any chance you get. don't assume they know. you need to tell them often enough that they feel sick of you.


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