March 14, 2009

.im hot and im cold.

happy birthday my darling brother! bloody old fart. :)

short (or not so short) updates:

x. things back home are fine. fingers and toes crossed, and touch a million wood to avoid jinxing anything.

x. "he" made it to brisbane afterall. spent my after works on both thursday and friday with him. thursday night with his friends (i ended up going to the bbq and had a good time socialising) and friday night with my friends (and some of his).

x. glad he met my friends. he apparently loves them. (who wouldn't, hey? - i hang with awesome peeps!!) but im yet to receive feedback from my friends (if any) about my loud french guy and his psychoticness. :P

x. glad i spent more time getting to know his friends, and me and him are more than just me and him now. if u know what i mean. ok, i mean, im glad we can function together outside our own little world. (i admit, i had doubts.)

x. anyway, things started off weird because we didn't know where we stood with each other. we took the role of the "ex" for a while, until we finally caved at the bbq when he said, "let's just tell them we're a couple" and we leaned in for a long awaited kiss.

x. on a different note, i felt something really weird tonight when i saw one of my ex hand in hand with a girl who wasn't his girlfriend. made my mind race to the point where i started feeling angry at him. i dont know if its because i know and like his girlfriend, or because it reminded me of the time he cheated on me when we were together. felt like a slap in the face. like, "yep... he was probably doing the exact same thing when he was with u. and yes, that was how ugly he made u look to others." - out in the open, parading his 'mistress', taking her to social events with him, proudly introducing the new girl to his friends... where's the respect? :( oh, and it doesn't help that the new girl IS hotter. ugh. im disgusted.


x. i also hate the fact that my frenchie is hanging out alot with these kinds of people. people who believes in polygamous relationships. i wont call it "open" because these people are clearly cheating. its not a mutual "okay, we can see other people" kinda thing. it's the "suzie, i love u" and "jennifer, you're the only one in my life" type of shit. and the worst part is, they seem to feel proud of it. how immature and sad. but my point is, what are the odds that he's probably got someone else in the gold coast while stringing me here in brisbane, hey? heck, i can juggle that if i wanted to.

*grr* (the angry way, not the sexy tiger.)


minuteman said...

haha!i wouldnt worry to much about the mixing with people who far the way u describe ur guy,he seems to be for you and you a way,im glad that u two are finally together and all.official?hehe..

and the ex thing.its just a reminder of your past.just to remind you that your better off without him.and clearly you are right?

and whats this?another man united fan?hooray!haha!

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

aww... thanks again minuteman. :) you say the nicest things.

and yeaa!!! UNITED UNITED UNITED!! lol but now half time... down 1-2... dammit. :( but we'll bounce back in the 2nd half!!


minuteman said...

unfortunately for us..WE LOST 4-1!sigh...oh wells.let liverpoof win this time..we are still gonna win the league!and the champions league! quintuple anyone?hehe..GLORY GLORY!

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

yeaa... 1 down, 3 to go! :) we're still the champs! xx