March 22, 2009

.happy in limbo.

woke up late in the arvo today and thought of him. 

we were both in separate social environments last night, and as we've agreed, we'd keep our minds open about meeting other people because that seems to be the only way for us to really move on. so naturally, i was curious as to whether something happened.

we spent 40 minutes on the phone, and came to one conclusion.

despite breaking up a month ago, we're still growing... closer... together. and as a couple. meeting other people felt like cheating. the thought that's constantly in our minds when we're close to letting someone else in is "is this person worth giving up what i have?"... and last night, separately, we both didn't feel it was. :)

here, you weigh it out: 
.a one night hormonal make out session vs  a real connection.

so he said, "i think we need to have another talk about us." [sounds like a line that i, as the girl, should be saying, hey?] but i'm happy. i'm really happy about everything that has happened today.

i'm happy with his words, my feelings, and to top it all off, i called my parents and they sound beyond happy holidaying in hong kong/china at the moment. listening to mum and dad's laughs completed my day. its truly the best feeling in the world. :)

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