March 16, 2009

.overthinking everything, so humour me.

ivan officially left brisbane today. hearts are emptier, im sure. i'll miss him alot. and here's my apology in advance for failing to stay in contact, cuz i really suck when it comes to that. :( but i'm sure we'd still be close regardless. same with stan. :)

right before ivan left though, we had a few long chats about everything. one convo that got me thinking the most was when ivan told me about my "before" and "after". 

he said, back in our high school days, i use to be more 'in control' of things. i took on responsibilities and executed plans and etc really well. a leader. he said it was a quality he admired.

but now, he said i either never improved or i could be losing it. he no longer thought that way of me. and i didn't know how to feel about that. worst yet, i somehow couldn't say he was wrong. :(

another thing i've been thinking alot about is this:

i live in a house with 3 other girls. 3 other not-bad-looking, if not hot, young girls. if i met a new guy and took him home and introduced them to my girls, how would he feel and what would he think?

a. hey, her girlfriends are pretty cool. would be fun to hangout together. im so lucky. i get one awesome girl and the company of three others; or

b. oh my god. this is like the playboy mansion. i wish i didn't already choose one! the others are hot too! i wonder if im their type too. how am i gonna go about checking all of them out?; or

c. i think one is really funny. and that other one is really hot, while the other one is so nice. what if i make a better connection with one of them?! shit. get me out of here before i cheat.

d. hey, 3 other hot girls. maybe i can introduce them to the guys. they'd think i'm the man.

e. none if the above. [please insert your thoughts]

ANYWAY... here are some pictures to change the subject -

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