March 4, 2009

."twilight" made me reflect.

i watched "twilight" with the girls today, and three things jumped out and made me think -

- 1st thought -

Edward Cullen: That's what you dream about? Being a monster? 
Isabella Swan: I dream about being with you forever

the ever famous word, used between couples who are either naive (aka delusional) or unfailingly hopeful. "forever." im sure i've blogged about this before... but i can say, until now, the word still makes me feel weird. when was the last time you told someone you would love them forever, and is completely confident that you would/can? (parents/family not included

are these people just kidding themselves? or is there a silent implication that 'forever' also means 'now'? or is this an issue where when one (eventually) falls out of love, he/she would argue their defence on the fact that they "honestly tried/wanted to... but shit happens"?

soOoo... if that's the case, i really need to just chill it and live in the moment, hey? so, he says he will love me forever, i'd say me too. what's the big deal? after all, u're an idiot not to realize that a year from now, we'd probably be falling asleep in someone else's arms, uttering the same empty words that the moment has lead us both to believe... don't u think? so hey, chillax. savour the moment while you're satisfied and content with this person. say forever! yell it to the world! :)

sorry. i just sound bitter, don't i? hehee.

now... you're gonna laugh, but somehow, despite all the bullcrap i've said, i still look forward to the day i hypocritically use it. "i want to be with you forever." yea. someday i will say those words and feel like a mean it. 

till then, HAHA.

- 2nd thought - 

teenagers seem to "know what they want". they can forcefully argue with the world about who they "love", what they like, who's the bitch/slut, and more. is it that they don't know better because like the older people say "they just kids!"? or did we really know better back then? when we weren't polluted by all the cynicism and skepticism that age and bad experiences had shown us?

- 3rd thought -

Edward Cullen: I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend. 

just quickly, if you've watched twilight... is edward cullen a possessive boyfriend? is overprotectiveness = possessive? am i the only one who finds this trait a little sufforcating? am i gonna be called out on having some sort of 'commitment phobic' again?

sigh. time to rest. ta!

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