March 20, 2009

.guys, him, concerts and parties.

yes, i have a new celebrity crush. his name is victor webster. not so much of a glamorous name, i think. but hey, the package looks pretty hot. :) he caught my eye on an episode of sex and the city, season 6, first episode. i've been lust-struck since. lucky samantha jones. she always snag the hot ones.

no, she's not my aspiration. just thought i'd make that clear.

nwayz, wynna and i will be at the tivoli watching 'the fray' in concert tomorrow nite! 'secondhand serenade' will also be performing. should be interesting. :) will keep u posted!

was talking to 'him' on the phone earlier. he's been stressing the whole day about jimmy's casino themed birthday party because he's in charge of the food. he's worried his 'french styled' finger food won't suit the guests. *hugs to him* im sure either way, it would be a blast. afterall, he's awesome. :)

anyway, he suggested that maybe for my concert, i should dress up all rock-chick like. black make up and all. hmm. could be fun, hey? will definitely consider how much effort it would take before i decide though. lol. we'll see.

hmm. wish i could make it to jimmy's party tomorrow night. i wanna see 'me babe' in a suit. :) although he's got waiter-ing duties, im sure he'd still look hot. :) i miss him heaps. we were on the phone earlier, and it took us almost 10 goodbyes to actually hang up. made me think of shayne ward's song. alritey, i'll leave you on that note :) -

p.s - if johno is reading this, again i'm sorry for missing your party tomorrow nite too! hope it'd still be a blast! if you guys go out after, i might be around the valley with friends... (mouzam is taking me out to celebrate his graduation after my concert!)

congratz for graduating mouzam baby!!! :)

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