March 22, 2009

.personal views, opinions and discoveries.

- somehow, guys wearing coloured contact lense look wrong. maybe its cause it sorta puts an emphasis on 'vanity', and everyone knows vanity is suppose to be a girl thing.

- tall people should have their own sections at standing concerts. either that, or ban them alltogether. sorry, but they shit on your supposedly nice concert experience. [below: my view during 9/10 of the fray's performance!]

- secondhand serenade sounds awesome live! the lead singer really puts his heart into every song. me likey.

- the lead singer of 'the fray' is not cute. sorry wynna.

- apparently i have a "type" when it comes to men. sheen and i picked out a guy each at a club as a 'game', and i realised i always choose the ones who are an outright ladies' man who acts like my ex bf, jimmy. (no offence intended) confident and surrounded by women he loves showering with equal physical affection. im describing the guy at the club, not jimmy. but u know.


its 6am. the sky is light-blue-ing. i should dry my hair and hit the sack. i need rest! and my feet are killing me! ta!

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