April 6, 2009

.another lost battle.

our dreamland crushed as reality sunk.

some couples just can't survive the real world.
like the 'us' we once were.

to be honest or not?
to say things or not?
to reveal thoughts and feelings...
or to keep them inside?

i no longer know.
so till the day i can list the lessons i'm taking from this chapter of my life,
i'd say my experiences has taught me that either way, 
you still sink.

so here's my ever so reliable 'fall back' excuse:
"i guess he just wasn't the right guy."

i just wish there were more smiles at the end of such a surreal and once beautiful journey.
instead, we couldn't even fake one,
nor did either one of us tried to.

i think that hurt the most.

.our last picture as a couple.

excuse the melodramatic-ness of the picture.
its my blog's tradition to post one up.

EDIT: the above news is outdated.


minuteman said...

woah!what happened? :(

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

i dont know... :( apparently we just 'lost it'. i really dont know...

minuteman said...

that's sad to hear.:( any chance to get that feeling back?

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

need two to tango. :( i think i've lost his faith... he thinks i dont care. i've already argued that i do, but he said he doesn't feel it...

i dont know why i should fight aymore... :(

minuteman said...

im so sorry to hear that..i've been in that situation before.. :(

go thru the motions.u don't have to do anything for now.tomorrow is another day

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

:( and what did you do?

take it one day at a time... and eventually heal, without him/her? :(

minuteman said...

to be honest with you,im still coping with the fact im not with her anymore.. :(

take it one day at a time.though i feel that time wont heal that much.i'd say take the wait and see approach.see how it goes.brace yourself

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

:( *hugs* im sorry minuteman...

now i feel bad telling u this. he called me this morning. said he wanted to talk. so i drove to see him and somehow... we managed to work things out. we're back in each other's arms now. :)

i wish only the best for u too minuteman... and thanks for being there for me. u've been a support for a while now, and im truly grateful for that. :)

but yea, i really am wishing you the best of luck in life and love... cause i feel u truly deserve it. i know u're a believer... because u made me one.

lotsa' xox :)

minuteman said...

don't feel bad at all..im glad both of you can work things out :)

u know that u have my support,and i too only wish the best for you.

and don't you worry about me.somehow,i'll find a solution to mine.*crosses fingers* :)