April 14, 2009

.in the presence of true artistry.

incredible. awesome. flawless. superb. absolutely breath taking. completely mesmerizing. oh, i could go on.

jason mraz is so talented! i could simply drown in the emotions that he effortlessly teases out of me with his amazing vocal talent... sigh. its love at first live listen. :) lol.

Sleeping To Dream - Jason Mraz

on a different note,
i dreamt about being with M-L again.

... and i hate it.
i dont mean i hate being with him.
i meant, i hate dreaming about him.
because it robs me of my present happiness.
clouds my mind of my true wants.
blurs the reasons behind the tuggings at my heart.
convinces me of the lies that i could be happiest with him.

turns me into a corny sounding piece of crap.


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