April 24, 2009

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choices for my new mobile

im due to upgrade my mobile next month. 

i HAD my mind set on the nokia e71 (white)... until i realised, maybe i really didn't need all that extra functions. as tech-savvy as i am *ahem*, a phone really is just a phone to me. so i rebrowsed the three website and found the samsung f480 (pink) pretty appealing.

here are the considerations that are affecting my choice -

x. nokia is on the $49, samsung is $29: essentially, all i need is $29.
x. to access the internet via the nokia, i need to pay another $5 extra per month. doesn't seem much, but it adds up. and really, is it necessary?
x. future use: nokia is more business-like with internet access and etc. (ivan told me how he emailed his resume to a company DURING the interview. i thought that was cool.)
x. three stores might not have the pink samsung.
x. my baby thinks i'd make use of the nokia functions once i get it. (he was the one who convinced me that im 'tech savvy' - hehee)
x. review says that the samsung is lags alot. dammit.

now... WHICH DO YOU THINK? - help please? :)

3 to 3 free calls

one week into my new billing cycle and my free calls on both phones (total = 600 minutes) has been used up. crikey!! my baby and i got addicted to the phone. 2 hours a day on average, its no wonder we're dried. :( hopefully we'll do better next month.


3 months since my baby and my first date. :) we celebrated with champagne and lots of kisses. 

today he accidentally said "i love you" after i helped him with something. it was funny. we both fell into an awkward silence for a few seconds, knowing it wasn't really an "i love you" but still felt weird because those words, for the first time were spoken out loud. HAHA... he's lucky i'm not some freak, otherwise i would've start packing my bags to move to france :)

smart movies

my baby has been exposing me to different type of movies lately. ones that were completely unlike my usual rom-coms. well, i'd say, like all 'girlfriends', we tend to conform. (ask sheena why she started watching kill bill - haha!)

so this week at blockbuster, i rented -

x. good will hunting (it was pretty good)
x. million dollar baby (yet to watch)

next week, i'll be renting -

x. gladiator (not really looking forward)
x. ... some al pacino movie. (will reconfirm title later)

he also said i MUST watch "sweeny todd". wynna is gonna roll her eyes. she's been trying to get me to watch it since forever. well, now it looks like i will be giving it a shot after all.

lastly, movies me babe and i are yet to watch -

x. pixar's cars (his choice)
x. twilight (ours)
x. jerry maguire (his choice for me)
x. the bodyguard (his for me)
x. sweeny todd (his choice)
x. the latest x-men (his choice - i havent agreed)

'nuff said.
bed time.


sheena said...

are you serious you've never watched the bodyguard?!?! ...

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

hahaa i dunno.. maybe once lassssst time?? i really dun remember i did lor. kinda shock myself as well. hehee im guessing its a must-watch??

MsMusicJunkie said...

isnt that the one with whitney houston?

but yes,role eyes. and you can borrow my sweeney todd to watch. and btw pixar cars?! geez. lame much.

and i think you should get the Nokia.

Anonymous said...

e71.is good