April 27, 2009

.mis-using the beautiful gaze.

my baby left for the gold coast 10 minutes ago... somehow i miss him more than ever this time around. :( we didn't do anything special, but still... something about us today stuck with me. sigh. feeling slightly emo now. hehee...

p.s. we watched million dollar baby! i thought it was really sad... but overall, an okay movie.

(on a different note, as always)

i was wondering if this ever happened to you when you're dealing with a person. [dealing = customer service, giving someone directions, helping someone out, etc]

so, u're dealing with a person of the opposite sex and this person suddenly looks into your eyes with theirs... their gorgeous heart melting eyes... and you simply couldn't look away. you feel a connection, and couldn't possibly imagine them not feeling the same. its like their eyes are smiling back into yours, like there's something calling out to you saying "i have something you would love to explore"... and then... they walk out of your life, going on with their day, leaving you thinking... "was there something, or...?" (dramatic, i know... but you get my point right?)

Anyway... if you have experienced that before, here's my question:

have you ever thought that maybe this person KNOWS they have that special gift (gorgeous eyes) and is using it with you and every other guy/gal they're dealing with because its their way of getting what they want or simply a way to feel great about themselves (at the expense of misleading you)?

have you ever imagined that this person could be silently thinking, "haha... hooked another one. so easy. she/he was ready to fall at my feet..." ?

if so,
what a bitchy tease. [imagine if they added a wink to it... *sigh*]

hehee... sorry, excuse me.
i know its a weird and very sudden thought.
i mean no offence to anyone with beautiful eyes...

unless u, mr/ms beautiful eyes are guilty of the above self-pleasure?


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