April 30, 2009

.nothing important.

brissie's weather is already getting too cold for my liking and winter isnt even reaally here yet. as much as i don't like being fried by the summer sun, freezing under my doona with icy cold toes aint any better. sigh.

good thing is though, united won themselves the upperhand in the 1st leg of the UEFA semi-finals. although we're only up by one home goal, at least no away goals appeared on the scoreboard. :) me happy.

anywayz, me, ms.no-life-and-no-money has also started a new addiction. thanks to wynna (my dear little sister) for recently purchasing season 1 of gossip girls on DVD. looks like i'll be spending lots of time on my ass in front of the tv.

yep, one couch potato coming up. how attractive. sigh.

p.s. job hunting to date hasn't been fruitful... im keeping those fingers crossed.

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