April 20, 2009

.names for the imaginary ones.

dont mind my self indulgence... :) i'm just feeling really relaxed and happy today. sure, inevitably, there'll be more heated moments between him and i in the future (heated in every way possible) but today, i'm feeling very content with my life.

my boyfriend is a sweetheart. :)

we've been trying to think of baby names for our made-up family of 6. [don't gasp. no one is pregnant!] but it was amazing how there were no names we could agree on. his names were simply too french for my liking, and mine were apparently too english and didn't sound good when pronounced with the french tongue.

then one name jumped out. Aurèlie. :)

well, we were both happy about the name for a while... until our next debate when he realised his last name would make the name sound weird. Aurèlie Le Ny. that'd make somewhat of a double sound. to make things worse, we agreed to have my family name included too... which would make our poor baby's name "Aurèlie Lee Le Ny". 

in his words, "poor girl." and i can't agree more. doesn't help that my girls (sheen & wyn - the biatches i love) are already making fun of my imaginary daughter's name with their constant "ohh reaaallyy?" play on words everytime i said the name.

so, him and i finally gave up on baby names and agreed we won't get married or have kids. tragic. hehee.. :)

guess we'll just have to be happy with sam the monkey.


MsMusicJunkie said...

ohhhh really???:P

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

dammmittt....... :P