April 13, 2009

.a few easter days in photos.

11th april 2009 - fishing at manly with the group, including my baby and jimmy. didn't catch much, but it was still a lot of fun. :) [don't mind me and my babe's lack of fishing enthusiasm. we're not exactly fishing people. :)]

later that day, we did a mini easter egg swap between a few of us. :) i got stan's egg, and weeeHeee!! it came with "scratchies!!" - i won $2!!! haha! thanks stannie!! after egg swapping, a few of us went for drinks at 'the regatta' at toowong. it was pretty nice. derek got lots of action... LOL :)

12th april 2009 - McMel returned from their long vacation back home in Malaysia. plans for their surprise belated birthday party got a little "aaaah!!" but it all worked out well in the end. poor MC fell sick!!! :( hope he's better now! *hugs and kisses* (winks at mel)

13th april 2009 - stan's trip back to brisbane came to another end. :( again, we had maccas for brunch before sending him off. :( *sob sob*

right after dropping stan though, we met the others at the coast for a day out.
that was nice. definitely cheered us up alot.

but anywayz, at the end of our long extended easter celebrations, my last words are - "I MISS YOU STANNIE!!!!" *muah muah muah!!* come back to brisbane again soooooon!!!

p.s. i miss my baby too.
met him for about 5 minutes today for a quick hi, kiss and bye while i was at the coast.
he's partying at klub kandy tonight.
he better remember the rule:
"see no touch!!" :)

... hmm...
probably should tell him that if i was gonna call that a "rule" hey?
but im sure he knows already. hehee.
trust, thats the key. ;)


thanks for a great week guys!!!


joku said...

i saw him lastnight.. well he noticed me lol but i dunno how he could of resist tho, hahaha...... *drools* ahhh sooo many..

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol he told me he saw u too... and u asked where i was. :) :) hahaa...

resist whattt?? there were THAT many hot asian babes?? lol manage to catch oneeee....?? ;)

joku said...

hahaha.. oh yea.. most i've seen at any Kk :O noo i didnt i was into my music hahaha. music over rules girls :P