April 16, 2009

.thinking you know doesnt make you right!.

here's a question:

when you're in a relationship, tough times are inevitable. but how many rough times do couples have to go through before they can agree that there're simply too many 'rough times' and that the fact is, they're just not right for each other?

here's another question:

the longer you are in a relationship, the more you'd learn about one another. sure. but why use these "know hows" about each other to start preempting each other's reactions and thoughts? especially the negative things? and using these negative things to make 'negative predictions' of you, giving you no chance at all to prove yourself otherwise?

for EXAMPLE, he says...

"i know you're gonna sleep late and then be tired when you see me tomorrow. if that's the case, i'd be annoyed, so maybe we should cancel tomorrow?"

how its annoying? [if you can't already work it out yourself] : 

x. so if i want to keep u happy tomorrow, i cannot show signs of fatigue at all?
x. so if i don't cancel, it means i'm promising to no keep tomorrow at high energy at all times?
x. so if i do end up seeming tired, you're gonna patronize me and claim your right to be annoyed because of your earlier 'prediction'?
x. ...and then after that, any future plans we have will have to go according to your predictions because you were right the first time?

SORRY. i know i'm overthinking. but i'm just so freakin annoyed. see,  if you wanna express your concerns, how about trying it with a less condescending tone? like, "i hope you get enough rest tonight so we can have lots of fun tomorrow." - how hard is that?

argh. hate it when plans are spoilt before they even begin.


ON a completely different note, MU won FC Porto!!! the UEFA champs are soOo staying in the battle to retain their title!! woot woot!! AND... the cherry on the cake? - RONALDO SCORED THE WINNING GOAL! and it wasn't just another goal, it was an AWESOME one! wooOoohOooo!!! my baby is awesomeeeeeeeeeee................... :) :) :)


Anonymous said...

Is that what he really said?
Because If he did his an ass...!

The more negatives you go through the relationship the more you grow stronger together but with the fact of learning from, not going in circles.

Anyway he should respect/trust how you do things. Last thing you want is someone to change how you do things. I don't think your over thinking unless he said it the most nicest possible way and you twisted it :P

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

lol actually he said it worse... but i smoothed it out, giving him the benefit of the doubt cuz he speaks french-lish.

but i guess there were other things that happened too... ones that would make him less of an ass for saying the above. not that i said anything that bad to him, but i could somehow see where he was coming from. doesn't make what he said less annoying though...

but he explained profusely why he said what he did, and also told me he understood why i got upset. so i guess i can understand his part too. pretty sure he wont be saying things like that again anytime soon though... :) *touchwood*

thanks for your comment anon. :) much appreciated! xx