April 29, 2009

.its all about the dollars.

did some calculations today (seeing that i have nothing else to do)...

apparently to "make ends meet" for the next two weeks, i have only $43.20 to spend from now until next tuesday, and another $43.20 to spend from that coming tuesday to the following tuesday. and that is not including the average of $20 i pay in petrol each week.

$43.20... sigh. thats about $6 a day? hmm... i wish we still stayed in the times where $0.50 can buy us a nice bowl of noodles. wait, scratch that "$" sign... i meant "RM". perhaps i should move back home?

but sadly, RM0.50 noodles don't exist in Malaysia now either.

looks like i really need to step up on my job hunt, as well as perhaps thinking of getting a second part time job to make it through the tough days. at least until steady income starts pouring into my life.

sigh. behold, the sad life of a law graduate.

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