April 3, 2009

.feelings change, but why?.

remember that thing you realllyyyy liked yesterday, or a week ago, or a month ago?? that car, or magazine article, or celebrity, or sweater, or shoes, or dress, or guy/girl... remember all that feelings you had for that particular thing/person? and how much you want it? the urge? the desperation? and all those fantasies you create in your mind becuse you want it that badly??

then YOU GET IT, only to realise that as another day or week or month or year pass you by... you don't like it that much anymore. or even like it at all.

now here are the questions: 

1. where do those feelings go?
2. does that mean you never really liked it in the first place?
3. is it possible to find those feelings again?
4. why do feelings just change like that?
5. how do you stop it from changing?

HELP. :(


Anonymous said...

1. They don't go away, they just stay in the memory lane :)

2. It's possible it could be something you didn't like, it's like how many young teens say their in love after 2 weeks of dating. But then I know a few who are still dating.

3. Nothing impossible. The feeling will come back in a even better way as long as you don't brag about your ex partner to you new one, lol

4. You tend to grow up and liking other things in life. Being influence also changes things. I'm sure most people like certain things now cause someone they love/crush likes it too.

5. You can't just stop it or you'll be stopping the course of life :P Whatever happens, happens for a reason.

Don't think so hard about it, you'll make yourself more paranoid. Occupy yourself and in no time it'll find you. You never know, it could be right in front of you and haven't noticed ;)

Anonymous said...

ego? insecurity? indecisiveness? lust? could be any one of those

.lennie.sam.lee. said...

thanks anon #1... :) i do overthink things alot. just another one of those gals, i guess. :)

anon #2... if that list of possibilities were given to me, i'd tick "all the above". (seriously) sigh. but thanks for the insight. :)